Fatima’s Great Outdoors

  • Title: Fatima’s Great Outdoors
  • Author: Ambreen Tariq
  • Illustrator: Stevie Lewis
  • Publisher: Kokila, an imprint of Penguin Random House
  • Publication year: 2021
  • Brief Summary: From Penguin Random House-“Fatima Khazi is excited for the weekend. Her family is headed to a local state park for their first camping trip! The school week might not have gone as planned, but outdoors, Fatima can achieve anything. She sets up a tent with her father, builds a fire with her mother, and survives an eight-legged mutant spider (a daddy longlegs with an impressive shadow) with her sister. At the end of an adventurous day, the family snuggles inside one big tent, serenaded by the sounds of the forest. The thought of leaving the magic of the outdoors tugs at Fatima’s heart, but her sister reminds her that they can keep the memory alive through stories–and they can always daydream about what their next camping trip will look like.”
  • Ideas for using this book in classroom or library –I found this lesson plan guide from Library Lessons With Books that has great discussion questions to ask students after reading the book. This article also highlights a NPR interview that Tariq gave about the picture book.
  • Whatever additional notes you’d like to add about this book and why you liked or didn’t like it –I really enjoyed the bright illustrations done by Lewis, and liked that this was another slice of life type of picture book that featured a diverse family. My favorite set of illustrations is of Fatima helping her dad set up the tent.

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