Little Red

  • Title: Little Red
  • Author: Bethan Woollvin
  • Illustrator: Bethan Woolvin
  • Publisher: First published in Great Britain by Too Hoots, an imprint of Pan Macmillan, first published in the U.S. by Peachtree Publishers
  • Publication year: 2016
  • Brief Summary: From Peachtree Publishers-“Here, Little Red is no fool—she can tell the difference between Grandma and the wolf and needs no woodcutter to save her. With design and artwork as bold as the characters, Little Red is a dramatic read.”
  • Ideas for using this book in classroom or library –This would be another fantastic book to use while children are learning about fairy tales. This version is unique and could be used after children read the original tale.
  • Whatever additional notes you’d like to add about this book and why you liked or didn’t like it – I liked this spin on the classic fairy tale. In this version, Little Red is not so easily fooled as her “traditional” counterpart. In this version, she needs no help from an outside force, such as the woodsman who generally saves the day in the classic tale. No, in this version, Little Red takes take of the wolf on her own, and in my favorite illustration in the book she wears his pelt back home.

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