Are You My Mother?

  • Title: Are You My Mother?
  • Author: P.D. Eastman
  • Illustrator: P.D. Eastman
  • Publisher: Beginner Books, a division of Random House, Inc.
  • Publication year: 1960
  • Brief Summary: From Penguin Random House-“When a mother bird’s egg starts to jump, she hurries off to make sure she has something for her little one to eat. But as soon as she’s gone, out pops the baby bird. He immediately sets off to find his mother, but not knowing what she looks like makes it a challenge. The little hatchling is determined to find his mother, even after meeting a kitten, a hen, a dog, and a Snort.”
  • Ideas for using this book in classroom or library – I did find a teacher activity blog post on Autism Adventures for this book. Additionally, I found this article from Paths to Literacy that talks about activities to use in conjunction with this book for children with multiple disabilities.
  • Whatever additional notes you’d like to add about this book and why you liked or didn’t like it. – One thing that makes this book unique is the way that the baby bird reiterates which animals are not his mother and every time he moves on to another animal that he asks he repeats which ones were not his mother. I feel like this would be helpful for building memory and recall for young children.

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